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Attack on Titan Tribute Game Review (Severely Outdated)

  What can be said about Attack on Titan that hasn't been said before.....beside the fact that the game is really freakin' hard!  But I digress, as this is to be a informative review, not a testament to my own skill. I am here to relay some of the facts about the game, as well as my own personal opinions.
   I'm going to assume that most people who read this already know what Attack on Titan is.  However, you may have found this page by accident and have just kept on reading.  Anyway, here is a (very) brief, spoiler free, overview.  Attack on Titan is a manga\anime that has become exceedingly popular in just the past year or so alone.  It takes place in a fantasy world where humanity has been brought to near extinction by large, deformed, humanoid giants called titans, who's only apparent reason for existence is to eat humans.  Mankind's main form of combat against these foul beasts is what is known as Three Dimensional Maneuver Gear.  This concept is the basis for the game
3D Maneuver Gear in action.

   Graphics-wise, the game might look kind of kiddy at first glance.  But if there is one thing I've learned about games, it's this: never judge a game by its pixel count.  The developer obviously put a lot of effort into his work to make you feel like you where one of the last soldiers of mankind, struggling to defeat a seemingly unbeatable foe. It was built using the Unity Graphics Engine, a popular choice for Indie developers.  The freedom of mobility that is offered in the game feels like it would be right at home in a spider-man game.  
    The titans in the game are not as diverse in appearance as they are in the show.  On the show, no two titans are alike, whereas in the game, there are only two kinds of appearance: a blonde haired titan, and a titan that most refer to as a genghis, do to its pointy mustache and beard.   However, though they may look the same, the titans come in a variety of sizes, from about twice your height, too taller than most f the buildings.  The behavior is unique as well.  Most titans will ignore you until you get close, but some, actively chase after you in some manner, be it dancing after you or crawling.  While they're officially called abnormals or variants, I like to call these titans "Nopes".   There is even a difficulty in he game that turns all titans on the map into nopes.  This makes an already harrowing task that much more terrifying, because now you have legions of bloodthirsty giants actively seeking you out, even going so far as to leap as high in the sky as you are just to take a bite. This aspect of the game really sets a tone of battling for survival against an enemy that you cannot truly predict.

    The actual game itself consists of four levels (not counting the training level) which are just your basic,"Kill all titans" objective.  There is one where you swing around the map collecting supplies, but that is by far the least eventful mission (good for practicing speed swinging though.)  The true fun begins in multi-player.   There, you can team up with your friends for massive, epic boss battles taken from the show, as well as the solo mission that you might have had trouble with before.  
    A variety of character choices is also a big plus.  The roster of popular characters makes the game that much more fun to play, as each character has a special ability, be it a spin attack, ground pound, fast running, titan distraction, and something else that I would go into, but I think it would be a spoiler (You'll just have to watch the show.)    In combination with the previously mentioned highlights, putting all of it into a rather large map means that no two battles will go the same way.
   All in all, this is a very solid game by any standard (Kudos to the developer.)  While the combat mechanics take a little getting used to, it only makes mastering the game that much more satisfying.  I would highly recommend playing this game (it's free for crying out loud!).  If you do play it, let me know what you think.  Was it great, good, "meh", or bad?  Thank you for reading, and good hunting.

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